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We are a small independent game developer founded in 2019, with offices in Sweden, Germany and Poland.

The Team

Nils Dücker

Nils has been into graphics and game development all his life, ever since he had a C-64 as a child. Once an industrial machinist, he has pursued a career in game development that saw him working as an artist on titles such as Battlefield 3, the Little Big Planet 2 franchise and later as lead artist on The Perils of Man, but his greatest achievement so far is founding Killerfish Games, where he oversaw the art direction of and co-designed Pacific Fleet, Atlantic Fleet and Cold Waters. He has also served in the Royal Swedish Navy, as a combat systems operator.

Martin Leidel

Martin is a senior software developer who has spent most of his decades-long career as a software engineer in the medical industry, working on complex ultrasound equipment. He grew up with C-64 and later Amiga and was active in the demo coder scene doing lots of fancy assembly language coding. As a life-long gamer, he started developing his own games in his spare time, including one of the first serious 3D submarine simulations for mobile platforms. He has also served in the Bundeswehr as a radar operator.

Przemek Starkiewicz

Przemek has spent decades working with 3D graphics – first drawing vectors on C-64 as a kid, later on as an architect, then as a prolific author in the flight sim mod scene where he specialized in scenery and visual effects, something that would later lead to him being contracted by Killerfish Games, where he contributed key art, visual effects and 3D work to Atlantic Fleet and Cold Waters.